Magnuson | Federal Way Dog Photographs

Don't let this stately face fool you. Once he get's a slime line of slobber hanging from his face he looks like a big dufus. Magnuson is a friends dog, and although I'm not a dog photographer, I thought it would be fun to play one for a day. What I found out? Dogs have shorter attention spans than 2 year olds and the only thing that keeps a dog the size of a small horse captive good old fashioned dog treats. I'll stick to photographing cuddly newborns and kids that will work for lollipops for now.


Lena | Fall City Senior Portraits

Seattle has beautiful summers in the low 80's, perfect for getting outdoors, hiking, camping and for senior portraits. This year I've been happy to work with a great group of soon-to-be grads. A lot have goals so much higher than I'd entertained when I was their age and they seem so grown up too.

I had such a fun time running around Fall City with Lena. We found a few interesting places with small town feel that were perfect for shooting. When we spotted a bright yellow vintage Imperial cruising down the street, I got an idea. Lena was game to see if they owner would give us a few minutes to take photos with the car, and thankfully he was too! Seniors often like to include things that are personal like their lettermans jacket or band instrument. Lena wanteda few with her best old friend and her gun. I'm thinking she needs a sweet car like this too, it just seemed to suit her. Thanks for a great shoot and being such a cool chic Lena!


Stephanie | Tacoma Senior Portrait Photographer

My morning started by photographing the captain of a soccer team then continued with the theme in Lakewood taking Stephanie's senior portraits, she's the captain of her soft ball team. The plan was to do a few pictures at her high school and then head to a nearby park for the rest. First day of school was only a few short weeks away and campus was a mess from summer construction. Still we were able to find some beautiful spots to shoot. Fort Steilacoom Park was heavenly though with tons of long golden grass and cool places for photos. I could have photographed there all day. Thanks for a such a fun shoot Stephanie!


Hannah | Seattle Newborn Portraits

You might recognize a few of these lovely faces from their wedding I photographed a few years ago. Now Molly & Charles have something even more beautiful to celebrate and her name is Hannah. That thick dark hair is courtesy of her mommy and daddy. I couldn't help from picking up her little brush to smooth it.  She was an absolute delight and slept heavy for much of her newborn session.


Jason + Jen | Pine River Ranch Wedding, Leavenworth

I don't really know where to start when describing this wedding. Jason and Jen picked the perfect location to celebrate their marriage and a love for the outdoors. Their family spends time in Leavenworth often so it was natural not to have the wedding in Seattle, but out in the country at Pine River Ranch. After all, their first date was a 14 mile hike in the Cascades!

The couple, along with friends and family, spent a year preparing for the rustic, yet, romantic big day.  From the local vintage fruit labels decorating galvanized tins of pinecones which held tiny chalkboard signs with the couples initials written on them, to their wire brownie-cake topper. Even the fish on their plates were caught by friends in Alaska, a nod to another outdoors trip upon which the couple became engaged. There was not a detail left to chance.


Sara | Auburn Senior Portrait Photographer

I met Sara and her mother at a fundraiser auction for breast cancer research. Just seeing a teen involved helping with something that seems so far beyond what a teenager should even be worrying about impressed me. Fast forward a few months and I find out she was the lucky bidder/winner of the senior portrait session I donated. So away we went with soccer cleats, homecoming dress and her spunky self to do photos.
We started at Celebration Park in Federal Way since they had a bright green soccer field, even in the end of summer. Sara had some pretty tricky moves and did a long sequence of takes, then I got the shot we were going for. It felt to me like it was about 80* already and the day was just starting.
Next we did a quick stop near Redondo for some photos in her homecoming dress. It cooled down about 5* as we got near the water and a haze was blocking the previously very bright sun. I thought the brown dappled wall looked beautiful next to the bright teal blue of her gown and we had some really pretty soft light coming through the mist.
Finally we headed to the beach down at Saltwater State Park. That same mist was hanging out making the beach look more like the surface of the moon, Sara's dress and bubbly personality was a beautiful pop of color against it all.


Grace & JP | Seattle Children's and Family Portraits

These two had so much energy, lucky for me the yard we did photos in was relatively small so I didn't have to chase them too far. For most of the shoot, it was kids at one side of the yard, me at the other. By the time I made it to the opposite end, they had (((zzzooom))) raced past me. The family portraits make me smile. I love how they capture the joy of family being together. Not one person is a bit concerned with the camera and I love it that way. Thank you M family!


Baby Kaylee | Puyallup Newborn Photographer

I must preface this post by saying this tiny baby girl is perfect and gorgeous in so many ways. But just yesterday I was talking with a parent of a newborn about how babies have general lack of muscle control. Sometimes they get momentary crossed eyes, and it's oddly adorable. I never know how a baby is going to be when I photograph them. Some are sleepy, some are wide awake, and as you can imagine, they exhibit every emotion in between during a session. This day I captured the afore mentioned eyes, as well as baby smiles, tears and a few tender moments with mom and dad. Thank you Kaylee!