Helen | Lynnwood Newborn Photography

This darling baby loved being snuggled close to her mama or swaddled up tight, but she was able to capture a few winks alone. She was just lovely sleeping, all wrapped up in her vintage baby blanket. So pretty!

Evan | Bothell Newborn Photography

I know I use the word love a lot, but it doesn't lose it's meaning even if it's perhaps a little over used here on my blog. But how could I not love all of these sweet little faces? Here is little Evan, just 10 days old. Such a darling little guy.


Baby Bailey | Renton Newborn Photographer

This sweet little girl looked so cute in her handknit hat I could have died. This is one of my favorite photographs from that session. Try this: stretch your arms over your head and see how far above they reach. It never dawned on me how babies' arms are so short until I saw her posed like this. What a doll!


Theadoyza & Grayson | Snohomish Twins Turn One

I was looking forward to photographing these little twins' newborn portraits, but thier early arrival and long stay in the NICU made it impossible. It made meeting them even sweeter though. Mom and dad are proud as can be and I'm sure you can see why! We planned their one year baby portraits at the Farm at Swan's Trail pumpkin patch. The weather was a doozey that weekend and although we got some amazingly cute photos (how stinking cute are those pumpkin hats!?), I felt that these two had a few more smiles in them that they were hiding from me. So last weekend they made an appearance at Seattle's Golden Gardens and enjoyed a warm fall day bathed in golden light. Thanks T&D for dipping your tiny toes in the sand with me! 


Tender Moments | Tacoma Newborn Photographer

It's always good to go into a shoot prepared with ideas in mind so that I know what I need to get, the rest is up to baby. This little guy tried doing a switcheroo on me, tried to foil my plans. Little did he know I've been there before and have grown accustom to flying by the seat of my pants. And even though I didn't get all of the things I had planned to, I am so in love with the images we captured. My favorite is the tenderness shared between the new family. It reminds me of moment Gustav Klimt would paint if I may be so bold.


Vintage Children's Portraits | Bothell Family Photographer

These children are heart melting, and that toe nibbling was the icing on the cake. Could hardly stand the cuteness! This beautiful family had a few ensembles from Janie and Jack for the kids and tied it all together with a great vintage trunk.  It makes me so happy when my clients have fun props to incorporate into their baby's portraits.  I just love the inside of the trunk. It had a great lining that looked like torn wallpaper which makes me want a huge backdrop just like it.