2 Rockin The Bump - Seattle Belly & Birth Photographer

Once a week for a couple years now I joing a group of talented women for a night of sharing, gossip and creating, aka "stitch and bitch". We are knitters. Many are more talented than me, but I can knit a mean scarf. I've been fortunate to meet some really wonderful gals there; baby mama's, doggie mama's and a few earth mama's too. There's been a little something in the water, or so it seems, as four babies have been added in the last 6 months.  I've been fortunate to document a couple bellies and a beautiful home birth. If you're pregnant, having photographs taken before the baby comes is a wonderful way to document your family as it grows. Brothers and sisters love getting in on the action and makes them feel just as special as the belly that's likely been getting all of the attention.

 Here are a few of my favorites from their maternity sessions and a wee newborn. This is Shawna's family a week before her litttle baby was born.

And then the day her birth, Shawna who is also a talented child photographer, asked me to capture the first moments of her babies new life. Comforted by loved ones and after a long days labor, baby Lillia was finally born.

Both mama's were due around the same date, infact they delivered just one week apart. Angi's baby I was unable to photograph coming into this world, but she's just as beautiful as her mama is.

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