What I do is sometimes hard to call work. I'm paid to attend beautiful weddings. Take photographs of gorgeous brides and handsome grooms. Hang out at their post nuptial cocktail parties. Perhaps a nibble of cake. But that's not why I do it.
For anyone who's ever organized a large group event, you know that getting to the finish line is no piece of cake. There are timelines, nerves, melting cakes, flower girls and ring bearers with cold feet, and gathering a family for photos that haven't seen one another in years I would say is harder than herding cats. And that's just the big day.
Post processing photographs takes a good bit of time to put the finishing touch on every image. Albums are each custom designed so each wedding is picture perfect forever, they are printed and then presented to the bride and groom.
Once it's all said and done that one day has become a part of me. I've studied the photos and relived the day over and over. I feel close to my clients because of this and am truly touched when I receive letters like I've received this month.

"Jen... wow, what can I say?! Jeff and I just looked at all the photos and they are so beautiful and fun! We cannot thank you enough for capturing our happy day with such style and emotion in every photo.

Thank you so so much!!
:) joanie"

"Jen, you have no idea how many compliments we've gotten on how beautiful the pictures are. You really do such amazing work.

I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful words on your site. Thank you so much for mentioning the significance of the date, it's very important to us, and we truly appreciate you listening to us, and really knowing our hearts.

Thank you for everything, we absolutely adore you and are so blessed by your work and friendship!



Thank you so much for the memorable photos we now have of Matt and Violeta's wedding and also the rest of our family.......I babysat today and Carson was an adorable angel....go figure! It is really nice to have such great shots, with the lighting just perfect and the subjects smiling nicely :).

We are so glad that you could be here to document this next event in our family history. If you ever need a recomendation, you can use our name.

Thanks so much. We hope your year ahead is a great one.

Mary Jo Holum"

And this one from Molly, just before whisking off to her honeymoon. Her email subject line read:

"The best day ever!!!"

"Jennifer, I just wanted to say that yesterday was incredible and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that the pictures are going to turn out absolutely beautiful. You made the day so special and we thank you again for all your hard work throughout the day. It was definitely a busy day and you held on to the end. We can’t thank you enough!
We are off tomorrow for our honeymoon and will talk to you soon.
Best, Molly"



Today I spent the morning with this cute little thing. Mom came armed with perfect white outfits and put her into pants for the first look. What I haven't mentioned yet was that we arrived to Puyallup's DeCoursey Park just in time to watch the yard crew finish mowing.

We've all done it. I did it, you know you did too. Mom got us dressed up for photos and we made a mess of it.

You can't blame her though, sandals are a bitch to walk in. I don't think I had more than five shots before those crisp white pants had bright green knees.


Taylor | North Bend Senior Portrait Photographer

I shot Taylor's senior portraits early in the morning, keeping my fingers crossed that the clouds would clear. Thank goodness the weatherman was right and it turned out to be a perfect day with lots of photo opportunities. Taylor did a stellar job and I couldn't be happier with his photographs.
Does anyone else see the Paul Newman resemblance, or is it just me?
More of Taylor's session soon at http://www.pictage.com/704280


Matt & Violeta - Tacoma, WA

With one of the best views in town, Matt and Violeta were married on the 2nd anniversary of their first date. It was a formal, but very small family gathering that took place on Matt's parent's deck. They were blessed with sunshine, love and a gorgeous Narrows view.
More photos soon at http://www.pictage.com/698134


Charles & Molly - Bellevue, Wa

It was fun to finally see Molly & Charles surrounded by their family and friends. I did their engagement photos last fall and saw a glimpse of what was to come. They were fun and complement each other like Yin & Yang, but with a Caddyshack twist.

The traditional jewish ceremony was at the
Harzl-Ner Tamid Synagogue , followed by an evening of live music by the Michael Benson Band, dance (the Hora of course!) and genuine fun at the Glendale Country Club. Charles even surprised "interviewed" his bride and gave guests an open mic to ask questions or comment, of which the most embarassing question "Are you nervous?" (about the wedding night, eh hem) was indeed asked. I hope Charles planned a really good honeymoon!

Coordinater: Erin Lindeman & Kristi Saunders
Celia Rose