James & Ann

I'm one of those people who say "how cute are they?" too many times so I will let the photos speak for themselves this time. The wedding and reception took place at the beautiful Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo. James snapped a few photos of his own as his blushing bride was walked down the aisle. Outdoor weddings in Seattle are unpredictable, but it was perfect. Even a little breeze catching the veil and blowing it in the air added to the excitement of the day.

Green, soft peachy pink and brown accents adorned everything from cymbidium orchids in the bridesmaids' bouquets to the ribbon sashes on the flower girls dresses and even the roasted coffee beans surrounding the wedding cake. Ann works at Starbucks and added that special Northwest flair, along with a raw oyster bar and a toasty beach front bon fire for their guests to enjoy as the evening cooled down.


Brett & Emily

Early snow in Ballard neighborhood of Seattle made this wedding photographer happy. Engagement photos can be spontaneous and taken outdoors or in the case of rain, in my photo studio.

San San & Mark in The Knot

I was very excited to hear that my photo of San San & Mark made the spring/summer 07 issue of The Knot. So excited in fact that I neglected to post. Sorry guys.


Joe & Bridget

Joe and Bridget's festive wedding took place at Lake Quinault Lodge. The couple wanted a taste of the Northwest and held an outdoor ceremony in the rainforest. Luckily there was no rain and the day went off without a hitch. The bride and bridesmaids bouquets were colorful gerbera daisies and the men wore leopard print boxers. It was tons of fun on the big lawn and butterflies were released at the beginning of their new life together.

Kevin & Kjell

Lake Wilderness Lodge is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle and provides a romantic waterfront setting for a Northwest wedding. The bride and groom were married just down the street at Zion Lutheran Church, a little step back in time where they still ring the church bell after the ceremony. Kjell's fitted and jewel covered gown had the pairs initials on the train.
Among all of the love and happiness that these celebrations carry, I find it very touching when couples remember those that can not be there. Her flowers held a little charm set with a photograph of her deceased father which she carried with her all night. At the reception many photos of their grandparents showed the love they hold for family.

It's the little things

I once worked around a bunch of photographers who were always talking this and that about their latest gear. I paid it little attention, feeling that their work should speak louder volumes than the fancy box of junk hanging around their neck. Some of my favorite images have been from hand-me-down and vintage cameras. Digital has brought color work into a new light for me, but I still love timeless black and white images. Give me grain and the soft romance of high speed film any day. As you can gather I'm not huge into new fangled. The digital era has also brought me hours of sitting in front of a computer, thankfully surrounded by my cats and mp3's galore. Last week my computer died and for days my already full plate of work piled up. The golden light at the end of the tunnel? Technology and my new Lightscribe disc burner.