Album - James & Amanda

James & Amanda's DeLille Winery wedding looks just as fabulous in album form. Here are a few shots to show you what we can do with a custom design. I love their names and wedding date embossed on the cover!



I love the way this little guy changed his tune. He was quite skeptical at first, but there's a wee smile at the end. xo little guy!


Romantic Proposal

You can read the story of their engagement on Pete & Kalen's own blog here, but I think the picture says it all. Congratulations you two!


New Year revamp in progress

Please excuse the mess. I decided it's time for a new look on the blog and haven't quite gotten all of the bugs worked out yet. The new look will allow me to share larger images without you having to click through to see the finer details. It will also has a wider format, which means more room for those bigger shots and a new header. Hang on with me through the mess, I'm looking forward to sharing the new look!



Daddy is an optometrist. What do you think this one's gonna do when he grows up?