I love this shot of Goldie tippy-toeing around sleepy 8 week old angel, Oliver. More of his photos will be ready soon at http://www.pictage.com/664501


Jeff & Joanie - Seattle, Wa

These two were scheduled to be wed last fall, but had to postpone. I can only imagine how dissapointing it must have been, but I think the wait was worth it. The day was gorgeous and they were so fun to work with! The ceremony took place at Blessed Sacrament in Seattle and the reception was at a the Golden Gardens Bathhouse.
More photos to come soon at http://www.pictage.com/
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I can't wait to hear about Maui Jeff & Joanie. Have a great honeymoom, you two deserve it!


Vintage Wedding Rings

Every now and then we have a truly wonderful shopping experience and love to tell everyone we know about it. My husband and I had one of these when we were shopping for my engagement ring years ago. I was dead set it had to be an antique platinum ring. I loved my grandmothers engagement ring, but when it was given to me after her death it had seen 50 years of love and marriage. (To the date, she died on her 50th anniversary.) The filigree was wearing to the point that I was afraid of commiting it to another 50 on my hand.
I scoured the local shops, antique shops and internet for the perfect ring and although I found some beauties, just the right one hadn't been found.
While downtown one day I parked right in front of a jewelry shop with beautiful photographs in the window that drew me in. I met the owner Alexandria Rossoff and told her I came in because of the photographs, but was extremely excited to see that they specialized in antique jewelry. Come to find out, the photos were from the Holden Luntz Gallery in Florida, a gallery whose owner I was introduced to a few years earlier and who just happened to be her brother. Talk about small world.

So after a few minutes chatting about the work Alexandria showed me the pieces I'd been eyeing in the cases. There were a few that I wanted to show my fiance and we made an appointment to come back. It was a great experience from beginning to end. I was a little afraid that my not so delicate hands were too big for the ring we'd chosen. We had come in the day before our engagement party and Alexandria insisted we have a ring for the party, even if it meant bringing it back if it wasn't the right one. She was kind enough to "loan" the ring out, but I'm pretty sure she knew all along that once it was on my hand it was there to stay. We happily showed it off to our friends and family and aside from having it expertly sized by them, the rest is history and we have a one of a kind heirloom.
If you are ever looking for an antique engagement ring in Seattle, I highly recommend making Alexandria Rossoff the first stop. They have so many gorgeous pieces from Georgian, Art Deco and Edwardian era's they'll make your head spin.


Cullen 14 months

I love the little teeth on this guy, but they were hurting him during our session. He was a good sport inspite of teething, but when mom came to the rescue with Orajel and he perked right up.
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