Jesse & Molly

Ryan & Kelli

Meridian Valley CC in Kent is one of the nicest golf courses I've shot at. Top that off with a beautiful bride & groom and it was a photographers dream. With all of these tall couples (I vote Kelli America's next Top Model) I am going to need a set of stilts. Ryan gave Kelli the sexiest "first kiss". Awe!

Hollie's Family

How does this girl do it, 4 beautiful children and still a size 2?
I've had the opportunity to work with Hollie and her family a few times over the years. Everytime I leave the shoot I feel all glowey (is that a word?) inside. They are beautiful inside and out.

Kate & Caroline

Since Kate ran around completely nude practically the whole time I was photographing, I feel it's a bit inappropriate to share those adorable pictures with the world. Here are a few sweet shots of each.

Brian & Noelle

Rebecca & Ryan had a gorgeous wedding party filled with skyscraping Glamazon women, tiny beauties and handsome men. Noelle & Bryan were among them and aside from both being tall and gorgeous, they are very much loved by their friends and families. Everyone travelled to the Alderbrook Resort for the perfect day summer day.