CJ & Jenna

I met Jenna and her parents to go over photos and the first thing I thought was "she's so young". This, I'm sure, will happen more and more as I am further from the prime of my youth, but sheesh.
As it turns out Jenna is very mature inspite of her youthful appearance. There day was one of many perfect summer days we've had this year. Their wedding was held at the Liberty Theater in Puyallup and family photos were at a park nearby while we did portraits on the Tacoma waterfront.
So here they are donned in their best and me taking photos. CJ's in his suit looking very handsome and then there's that "they're so young" thought in my head as CJ's glance towards Jenna turns to a boyish smile. Love is beautiful and it looks good on every bride and groom I've photographed. Sometimes I feel I have the best job in the world!