Baby Audrey | Bothel Newborn Photographer

Momma found this adorable sock monkey hat, crocheted especially for a baby girl in pink and grey, on Etsy. Since they come in so many shapes and sizes, "newborn" size should be used loosely when dressing babies, it is generally not accurate. This was the case with baby Audrey who at first had her little head smooshed into a size too small hat. I thought her cute wrinkled face was a result of the hat being too tight, but once mom cut the back of the hat open and her little brow didn't unfurrow, her little scowl made me melt, but even more, she has cute monkey toes to match! So much cuteness. Congratulations mom, dad & big sister!


Nora's First Birthday | Seattle Baby Portraits

Nora is one lucky girl. Both sets of her grandparents and some family flew in just for her first birthday party, which mom had planned a cherry themed rooftop bbq to celebrate the big day. There were two cakes: one for Nora, the other was for the guests. Of course, the highlight of a one year old's first birthday is to let them dig into their very own cake, which can make for some adorable photographs. This was no exception as she slowly got into the groove and finished off her own pink cherry covered cake. Happy One adorable girl!