Newborn Baby Sister | Des Moines Portrait Photographer

I met Lexi's beautiful 12 day old baby sister last week and haven't had a chance to post about her yet. She was not only perfect for photos, she also wins the quietest baby award. Not a fuss and hardly a peep out of her the whole time I was there. Lexi and Kitty modeled her pretty Etsy dress. The adorable owl mobile, I just had to share. Mom found that on Etsy as well.
Congratulations Michael & Missy!


Cupcake Girl | One Year Old Portrait Seattle

A quick peek at yesterday's photo session. It was touch and go because this big gray cloud down poured right before our shoot, but once again, blue sky! We chose Gas Works Park, there was plenty of room for a 1 year old and her energy to run about. 


Mother's Day Portraits | West Seattle Photographer

I met Carter when he was just a little guy. He's still pretty little, but what you couldn't tell when I met him first was that he was going to have a shock of red hair. And it's that soft fuzzy baby hair, so he's extra over the top cute right now.

We actually did these photos the day before Mother's Day, but a buzz was in the air, so I ran with the mom thing and added hearts. Mom + heart's + babies, how could these pictures not work? Well, silly me. I have since made a mental note to attempt cutesy photos of adorable kids next to chalk art when they aren't ready for their naps. Luckily mom is going to love those beautiful faces even if they're all scrunched up and crying. My mental check list for photography sessions keeps growing. It's little things like this that experience gives you. Thanks Colton & Carter, you guys taught me something new!

ps. If you're in the south Seattle area and need one, their dad is a pretty cool eye doctor


I Heart Mom | West Seattle Children's Photographer

There were a ton of people out yesterday, and surely I couldn't have been the only one who took a photo of the big chalk sign outside of Fleurt, West Seattle's creative floral design studio. The shop was spilling with beautiful and "not your typical flowershop" flowers. With great attention to detail, pretty trinkets were tucked here, there and between. I'd never been to Fleurt before, but having walked into what smelled like heaven and was equally a feast for the eyes, I will be back.  Seriously, a must visit!

Baby Max | Renton Newborn Photography

I keep saying there's something in the water and this time it's in my zip code. He's a natural and smiled for me more than once. My heart get's all melty looking at this sweet boy in his baby bear hat. Welcome to the neighborhood Max!


Swaddled Baby Lucas | Bothel Newborn Portrait Photographer

I was starting to think I was getting the cold shoulder from newborn Lucas, but mom and dad knew exactly what he wanted, and that was to be snug as a bug. When I photograph newborns, I think of naked bums, tiny toes, naked bums, little hands, naked bums. So, if you didn't figure it out already, yes, I wanted to strip baby to his birthday suit and do photos. He wasn't having it. Thanks to some expert shhhushhhing from mom & dad, and a lovely power nap on daddy's belly, baby was ready for the session the way he wanted it. Warm and bundled up.

6 month Nethra | Kenmore baby photography

I've definitely got the baby bug, and seeing this beauty with her big black eyes and moppy  hair about pushed me over the cuteness edge. On top of that, mom and dad have discovered her favorite song so for the better part of the portrait session we were listening to it. If Nethra's first words aren't Twinkle, I can't imagine what they will be.