What Do Christmas & Valentine's Day Have In Common? | Snoqualmie Portrait Photographer

Thank goodness they have the color red associated with them, because I'm am sorely late on posting some cute kid photos from a December portrait session.

Children can be quite zippy and make a photographer work faster then expected. This was the case with this spry little girl. About the time mom had her dressed and ready for her pictures, she was ready zip away and change into her rockstar outfit. But not quick enough for me to miss these cute shots of her checking out her sparkly dress or giving teddy some love.

My favorite though is the uber girly duds she's sporting in the second set. Pink coat, animal-eared hat, and the ruffled tutu all topped off with the t-shirt. She looks like a leader, not a follower of fashion.


Charlie | West Seattle Baby Photographs

It's been raining buckets here in Seattle, but not enough to keep us from doing a few family portraits outdoors, even if they were just on the front porch. And I'm filing this photo away for inspiration. I'm in love with that big orange door. But I wonder if I were to paint mine that color if it would look as good. Or would I always need a baby in front of it to make me love it?

Apparently someone decided to go off his sleep schedule and had been wide awake for hours. Love his spacey look in this last photo. Inspite of the rain and lack of sleep, don't you think Charlie pulled through and did a great job on his 6 month portraits?


Tony & Ally | Shilshole Bay Beach Club Wedding

I was in need of a little sunshine and upbeat music today. With the weather calling for rain all weekend, even to possible flood levels, creating a video to show off a few photos from Tony & Ally's fall wedding sounded like just the ticket.
All of their laughter and love for one another, coupled with bright flowers, hit the spot. And don't you think the song was a playful twist given the bride wore some absolutely dazzling Jimmy Choo's?
Hope you enjoy!