Tacoma Art Museum Gala | Custom Portraiture

Here's a shot of my kitchen counter and a peek at one of my new favorite products, but more on that later, right now I'm thrilled to be picking out a few photos for a very special event. This Saturday is the Tacoma Art Museum's Anniversary celebration and it's going to be a big one, 75 years!

And with a HUGE thanks to one of my wonderful clients, I will share a speck in the spotlight. Ok, so maybe that's a big stretch, but if you call a portrait by me in auction item form being in the same room as Chihuly's beautiful glass, and countless other works, I'll milk the limelight for what it's worth.

 If you have an extra $300 burning a hole in your pocket you can dine in style, bid on a plethora of wonderful items and dance the night away to the Shanghai Woolies.

Figure Study | Nude Portraits Seattle

I'm a huge fan of classic nudes. Here are a few of my favorites from a recent session.

And one more leg shot because they were beautiful.