Ballerina | Tacoma Senior Portrait Photographer

One thing I learned by photographing this tall beautiful gal is that ballerina's have incredible balance. I had never taken photos of a dancer before and was excited to see what we would come up with. I thought we'd go away from the waterfront, but in the end I really liked the contrast of the concrete against her soft features and figure. Her balance and strength is echoed in the structure. Thanks P for braving the ruins for these photos. Most of us would have ended up soaked in the cold Puget Sound below.


Daddy's Favorite Salad Bowl | Tacoma Newborn Portraits

I love that my clients are excited to incorporate favorite items and heirlooms into their newborn and family photographs. This time sweet newborn baby Wyatt took a spin in daddy's favorite salad bowl, complete with salad spoons!
Mom also had the wagon that her grandpa made for her. It reminded me of how cool our wagon was my grandpa made when we were little. Boy, that wagon had some miles put on it!