And One On The Way | Alki Beach Family Portrait

On any given day you can drive Alki and see family photos,  engagement portraits, and maybe even newly weds posing for the camera. It's definitely one of Seattle's hot spots for photographers and divers, roller bladers, dog walkers, cruisers, teenagers... the list goes on. It's even in The Best Places to Kiss in the NW book if you were looking for a new spot to neck.

Finding a private spot for group portraits with out all of the above in your frame can be challenging. We were able to find a stretch of beach, but shared it with about 20 divers and 5 kayaks. How this little guy didn't seem to notice so many eyes on him I don't know. He captured my heart, and I'm sure a few others that day, with his many adorable smiles.


Double Trouble | Newborn Twin Photographs

People ask me to photograph their newborns with their dogs or cats and their little brothers or sisters all the time, but photographing twins definitely came with its own challenges. Usually newborns need to be topped of several times during a session, burped, diapers changed... you get the idea.

These two were total angels and let us prop and pose them all around the farm. I'll let you guess which one is nicknamed "the tongue".


Pink & Adorable | Covington Newborn Portraits

Little Miss P is pink and adorable. Mommy & daddy couldn't be happier. She came with a button nose and highly evolved "monkey toes", good for grabbin with!

Outdoors newborn portrait

While big sister is wondering how good that milkshake we just bribed her with will be, baby sister, assisted by our wonderful 80* heat, was zonked out for most of her portrait session. Doesn't she have the prettiest little lips?

Fall Knitwear Preview | Seattle Newborns in Handknits

These two darling buds came to me with gorgeous handknit hats to model for their portraits. These little hats on their tiny heads were so adorable they made you squeal with joy. One's mama is a local indie crafter extraordinaire, hand dyes her beautiful yarns, and then knits them up with love for her little one. You can check out her yarns in her online store, A Swell Yarn Shop.


Visions in White

There's something about the way these two would clasp hands, lean together or intertwine their arms that makes me love these images. It shows the bond that these two have and it came so naturally.


Second Year Cotton - Alderbrook Resort Wedding

I don't know who came up with the traditional anniversary gifts, but my initial response to the second year being cotton is pretty luke warm. I'm sure when it comes down to it couples can get pretty creative. Maybe a cotton hammock you pick up on a trip to sunny Mexico? Or some sweet hight thread count sheets, that's what I'd like! I missed "cotton" as we are non-traditional and don't do gifts, and besides that quirk, in our sixth year of marriage. Next year will be #7 for me and my Mr. and the "alternate" (read: modern equivalent) is desk sets! I'm ready for an office redoux, maybe it's time to start a new tradition!

Today's post is just a sweet collage and a big Happy Anniversary to Bryan & Noelle on their second year of wedded bliss. Congratulations! They had an amazing day not too long ago out at the Alderbrook Resort, which was rated top notch  by Seattle Bride Magazine readers. Nice work guys! If you're looking for a location in Washington for your beach front wedding or reception, this is the place for your guests to get away and relax.  


Speed Demon, er, make that Angel - Bellevue Portrait Photographer

She may be small, but she is fast! Mom informed me that they take regular strolls at the park so following Emmy around was down right exercise. I thought I was getting smart and could slow her a bit if we placed her on gravel and kicked off her shoes. (Oh no, that makes me sound like a meanie doesn't it?) Believe me, she zipped right past, barely phased. Check out her perfect bow shaped lips and those sad baby blues, she's just beautiful.


Chasing A Ballerina - Bellevue Botanical Garden Portrait Session

Darling Avery showed up in a pink tutu for her portrait at Bellevue Botanical Garden. She had a ton of energy and reminded me of a butteryfly floating from flower to flower. Just about the time I caught up with her, she was flitting off to a new stem.

Seattle gardens are beautiful this time of year, and being able to photograph children outdoors is such a treat here in the NW. If you are planning family photos, I have many location suggestions including beaches and urban locations for a bit of edge. Contact me soon before summer slips away!