I know I over use the words cute, adorable, beautiful and OMG way too often. How else can I describe such a darling little girl?
Grandpa & grandma, you can see more of Lilah's shoot here http://www.pictage.com/778160


Kat | Tacoma Senior Portraits

They say it got up in the 40's today, but if you were to ask me or Kat, we'd say a high of 25. It was so cold out!
Kat froze her hiney off, but she made sure we got the shots we needed. How cute is she? More of Kat's photos will be available here as soon as my hands thaw out.


Jungle Luv

All of these gorgeous flowers and plantings are by Jungle Luv Plant Care in Stanwood, who are not only talented, but great fun to work with. You might remember Nadim & Rebecca's West Seattle wedding at the Hall at Fauntleroy. These are the gals that made the stunning bouquets, boutonniers and added their signature Jungle Luv look to the rest of the event.

The Jungle Luv team started off a busy day of photos with decorating their tree to be auctioned off at the Gifts of the Season charity Christmas Tree auction. There was tinsel flying, holiday cheer and everything in between as a room full of people got their trees and trimmings ready for the gala event. The room was dazzling at the end of the day and we can only hope the auction was a complete success.

Next stop was the Tulalip Resort and Casino. It's a gorgeous hotel and true as their words, "a perfect balance of contemporary style and traditional Northwest Coast Salish artwork and textures". If you get a chance to visit, check it out. And while you're there you can't miss the stunning plant installment at the base of the huge totem poles, or the poinsettias tucked in every corner. There are plants everywhere in this hotel which softens that contemporary edge and adds a green northwest flair.

We followed the day along with a trip to the Angel of the Winds Casino, Skagit Valley Hospital, and then a quick trip back to Comcast Arena to see the finished trees. A whirlwind of a day, but with gorgeous results!


Baby it's cold outside!

It's been so chilly out, but the cold does some beautiful things!


Twit or Tweeter?

I've yet to really understand the whole online social networking, but I keep this blog, however loosely. And even though I hardly go there, I Facebook and Twitter occasionally. I try not to get sucked in, as it mainly seems like a time sink.
I'm always excited to hear stories from couples on how they met, how they got engaged. Sweet stuff like that. I came across
this story about a groom updating his Facebook status just before he kissed his bride. Tweet, tweet. True story.


There's nothing like going to the beach when it feels like snow! Lexi was prepared with this darling elfin hat her mama knit for her. Isn't she the cutest!
Lots more of her sweet photos are at http://www.pictage.com/768193