Parents always surprise me with what they'll put up with for a great shot. We all braved the rain on this one, but the little guy got the worst deal. He looked so cute in his little dinosaur raincoat, but was cuter standing in a puddle. With shakey new legs, he did so good stomping in the puddles, but made my day when he eventually decided to sit down and take a load off. You would think there would be instant tears? Nope, he just sat there. I think he liked it too, that was the funniest part. What a cutie!


I love it when little one's show up to a shoot with their best pal, in this case Mr. Bear. It was adorable to watch her shake, kiss & drag Bear all around the park. More of Karin and her cute teddy bear can be viewed here.

Anna & Valentina

Anna cracked me up and calls this Valentina's "Chucky" look.

Studio portraits can be so decieving. The reality: Elmo on tv, a two year old running around, friend working the fan to get the wind blown look, two year old trying to stick fingers in the fan, and even though she's wearing a scarf and sweaters, it was hot! The rest can be viewed here.



This little one was a trooper. We went out and braved the cold along with mom and dad at the Woodland Park Rose Garden. It was cold, it didn't last long, and if you ask Savina I'm sure she would say it wasn't fun either. We managed a few moody shots, then moved indoors to thaw out her little piggies. All she needed was her bling and her pimped out ride to cheer her up. What a cutie!



It was a frreeezing cold morning at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. I felt so bad because she doesn't stand on her own yet and everytime we put her down for a photo her little bum had to be cold. But would you look at that cute baby-doll face? And the vintage poncho? Yup it was moms first! More of cute little Maura's photos at http://www.pictage.com/751630.