Hollie & John

Mother & Daughter

I love mother daughter portraits. One of my favorites is by Annie Liebovitz of Gwyneth Paltrow and Blythe Danner together. Because of Tina & Tiffany's striking likeness I wanted to capture a similar feel with these images and show the closeness between these two.

Jocelyn wore an itty bitty tiara-like crown on her wedding day that her mother, Jan, also wore at her wedding. I love the smile she gives as Jan sneaks in a kiss.


Proof Book

Although I currently don't have an example of the linen hardcover to share, the inside of this book is similar. These photos show a soft cover with an image on front, also available in hard cover, and numbered images inside. I no longer choose to have the photos numbered, as they are more of a keepsake than an actual proofing book. These are perfect for budget conscious couples or those who want a book of photos to share the whole wedding.


I'm super excited to offer these high quality Willow book albums. These are flush mount, meaning there are no mats for images to slide in & out of, instead the photographs are printed and bound with the images on a full page. All layouts are custom designed and tweaked to perfection before printing. We can imprint up to 3 text lines on the soft leather cover, usually your names & wedding date; I haven't actually used the 3rd line yet. Each page has a smudge proof finish and is printed on hardboard for durability. The album spine opens flat for easy viewing and comes in a unique 10 x 10 inch size. This is my favorite option for wedding photographs, they are very beautiful. These let you share just enough of your memories in an elegant album, without over sharing your wedding photos. These also make a great gift for parents.